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BolehBlogs Net Ring Guidelines:

1) The ring is open to Malaysians from all walks of life. It's alright if you left the country to further your studies or to work in other parts of the world - you are still welcomed to join the net ring. It's also okay if you were only in the country for a brief period before you were sent off elsewhere - provided you were then born right here in this country. But if you're born in another country but own a Malaysian citizenship, you still qualify.

2) You must have a web log / journal / online diary / blog. It could be on any language, or based on any interest.

3) Personal or commercial web log. Preferbly, your web journal / online diary / blog should be updated regularly (daily would be g-r-e-a-t!). The longest period of time of inactivity is two months.

4) The HTML code of the net ring will be sent to you. Of course, you must put the net ring code onto your website! It could be anywhere easily accessible: the splash page, main blog page, cliques or netrings section - as long as everyone can see it. Make sure you put the HTML code into the page you submitted when keying in your URL. Do put the HTML code in one week's time onto your page.

For example, if you intend to put the BolehBlogs Net Ring HTML code into a page with the filename "rings.html", then the URL you should put will be "".

Another example, if you wish to include the code in the "index.html", then the URL should be "".

5) Do not alter the code in any way. The code is harmless, it won't eat you. So there's no need for you to change it. This is to ensure consistency. However, feel free to make minor color/spacing/style changes to suit your page.

6) Edit your website details should you have any changes to your website. If you are going to delete your web log, notify me.

7) Kick back and relax while I sneak a peek into your website. You shouldn't have any problem with submission if you adhere to the rules above. I should get around adding you into the directory in three days (a week at most).

Think you'll qualify for the BolehBlogs net ring? Why not try it out? Just submit the form and there you go.

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