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Frequently Asked Questions

1) I am seeing double. What is the difference between the BolehBlogs Net Ring and the BolehBlogs Directory?
The BolehBlogs Net Ring is a quick way of jumping to local websites listed on the ring.
Upon registering for the net ring here, you will be given a HTML code, to which when successfully included into your website will look like this:

<< # BolehBlogs ? >>

<< - go to the previous website listed in the net ring
>> - go to the next website listed in the net ring
# - list all websites listed in the net ring
? - go to a random website in the net ring

Now, the BolehBlogs Directory is different: it requires no HTML codes or thingamajig. It simply exists as a directory that lists all the websites that are currently in the net ring, and is divided into various categories.

2) Do I have to register to both the net ring and the directory?
It works like this: if you registered your website to the net ring, then I will also add your link into the directory.

3) Who can register as a member of BolehBlogs?
Basically, anyone who is a Malaysian. Guidelines are available here.

4) I have submitted my link for entry to BolehBlogs, but I am not listed. Why?
The latest additions to BolehBlogs are usually activated within a period of 24 hours. However, there could also be other reasons:

  • You did not put the BolehBlogs code in your website.
  • The ring administrator has jetted off elsewhere without a proper internet connection (though not always the case).

5) Why must I be a member of BolehBlogs?
It's your call. Via BolehBlogs you can visit other Malaysian blogs and online journals listed in the net ring.

6) Does BolehBlogs welcome contributions and volunteers?
Definitely. It would be nice to have someone to help write reviews, update the public on new blogging materials, add in useful blogging links from time to time - just about anything on blogging. Send the ring administrator an email and she will reply promptly.

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