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4th July, 2005
BolehBlogs directory up and running here.

29th May, 2004
Website revamped.

1st May, 2004
BolehBlogs moved to bolehblogs.insatiably.net

3rd October, 2003
Website revamped.

2nd August, 2002
Website revamped.

1st February, 2002
The BolehBlogs net ring is open for registration to new members. Its ring administrator is Strizzt.

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Saturday, May 06, 2006
2006 Photobloggies.

Once again, the annual award ceremony that celebrates photoblogging around the world will take place. The nomination phase for this year's Photobloggies will end soon, for the judging phase begins on May 8.

It includes awards based on geographic region, subject matter, and 'best of's. Examples of categories include Best Southeast Asian Photoblog, Best Black and White Photography, Best Animal Photography, Best Photoblog Design, Best Writing, and the cream of the crop - the Photoblog of the Year.

Results will be announced on May 22.

Website: The 2006 Photobloggies

posted by Strizzt at 9:20 PM


Monday, May 01, 2006
April 2006 Jottings.

Added to the BolehBlogs ring during the month of April 2006:

Wazzup Dude~!!!

A Little Of Skyler Is Good For Everyone


My Bizarre Brainworks says....

Memoirs of a Lady

Idealistic not naive, Realistic not cynical

the dreaming realist

Mr & Mrs Imran

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posted by Strizzt at 10:35 AM


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