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4th July, 2005
BolehBlogs directory up and running here.

29th May, 2004
Website revamped.

1st May, 2004
BolehBlogs moved to bolehblogs.insatiably.net

3rd October, 2003
Website revamped.

2nd August, 2002
Website revamped.

1st February, 2002
The BolehBlogs net ring is open for registration to new members. Its ring administrator is Strizzt.

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Monday, January 16, 2006
Survey: Latest Trends in Internet Usage, by aO2 Consulting Sdn Bhd

aO2 Consulting Sdn Bhd is a professional marketing research consultancy specialising in both online and offline research projects. Their latest project includes conducting an online survey to find out the latest trends in internet usage. The survey takes between 5-10 minutes to complete.

All Malaysian bloggers are invited to take part in the survey, and be rewarded for it:

"Upon submitting the completed survey by the bloggers, they are entitled to enter into our draw where the top two prizes are to win one of 2 iPod Videos (30GB)* with ten runner-up prizes of cash/gift vouchers each valued at RM30*."

Not only that - by recommending the survey to a friend/blogger, participants also stand a chance to enter another draw:

"By recommending this survey to their friends (who are bloggers in Malaysia), they will be eligible to enter into another draw where the top three prizes are to win one of 3 iPod Nanos (2GB)* with ten runner-up prizes of cash/gift vouchers each valued at RM30*."

To access the survey, please click here.

This survey ends on January 31st, 11.59pm Malaysian time. One person is only allowed to send in one survey entry.

* Terms & conditions apply.

posted by Strizzt at 10:28 PM


Sunday, January 08, 2006
Blogsafer.org: The Anoniblogging Wiki

Anonymous blogging guides in English, Arabic, Chinese and Persian are included in the recently released Blog Safer: The Anoniblogging Wiki.

Malaysia is one of the countries included, apparently, because it is a "representative of the kinds of repressive tactics that have been used in the past several years against bloggers. These include filtering, interrogation, torture and imprisonment."

That shows just how much blogging has been making waves here locally.

This is also worth a thought: "Blogging can never be completely anonymous."

The Blog Safer: The Anoniblogging Wiki is accessible here.

posted by Strizzt at 1:44 PM


Sunday, January 01, 2006
December Jottings.

And so it is that we welcome another new year. May 2006 be good to all of us.

Added to the BolehBlogs ring during the month of December 2005:

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all in a nutshell

b@byfelton rulez


a b e - s t e r i a

Raising Up My Mom

Voices of Cinderella


A Beautiful Mind

Circles for Squares

Simply ROBIN

Also, check out the latest links added to the BolehBlogs Directory here.

posted by Strizzt at 10:27 AM


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